Updo for Flat Hair

May 17, 2019

If your hair is like mine, you’ve probably dealt with a “flat bump.”

I want to show you a little hair hack that will give your bump a lift without teasing, crimping, or using anything other than what you already have at home. My favorite part: it’s HEATLESS!

There are so many different ways you can wear this style, but I’ll show you a simple way to get you started, and then you can make it your own.

Click to shop the things I like to use:

Giovanni Spritz Spray

Sebastian Shaper Hairspray or $7.99 at Tjmaxx

Amazon bobby pins

Walmart bobby pins

Of course you can use your favorite products instead, whatever they may be.

I hope this helps transform your updo and makes getting ready much easier!

Until next time, hugs and blessings,