Valentine Special: Date Night Ideas

February 09, 2018

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and we at She’s Intentional are excited to celebrate those we love. In relationships, few things say “I care about you” so well as simply spending time together. We’ve designed today’s Valentine’s Day special to give you and your significant other a few ideas of how you can do just that! Our team members have listed some of their favorite date night ideas below. Try them out and let us know how they go!



My husband and I live in a beautiful mountain area. So we sometimes grab takeout and drive up into the mountains where we listen to old-time radio and enjoy a wonderful view of our town. In a town as small as ours, we have to get creative! =) Packing a picnic and going for a pretty drive is always fun, too.



When it comes to date night, my husband and I like to keep things simple. This year for Valentine’s Day, I think we will walk downtown to try a local restaurant we haven’t been to yet. It’s not very fancy, but it’s close to home, we get a break from cooking, and we get to support a local business. We might stop into a couple of other shops we haven’t been to in a while, while we’re downtown – just to explore and enjoy one another’s company.

One date night that I want to try is going to a bookstore and each of us picking out a book for the other to read. Whether it be a book we have enjoyed ourselves and we want the other to read as well, or we discover a new book we think the other might like, I think it’s a fun date night idea that can continue with conversation as we read our books in the weeks that follow.

This could also be done with music: My husband and I enjoy combing through a vinyl shop from time to time and sharing our thoughts on what we think the other might like.

Another “date” is taking a class of some sort together. This doesn’t just have to be with a significant other. I’ve taken a class with a few friends before, and another one with my little sister, and it was a good bonding time! Local libraries, art galleries, colleges, etc., often offer introductory classes for pottery, painting, woodworking, cooking, etc. It’s so fun to learn something new with someone special. You make memories that you won’t soon forget!

Lastly, keeping it simple once again – I love a classic coffee date. On the weekends, my husband and I have started preparing our Sunday school lessons for our youth group at a local coffee shop. We enjoy something sweet, the Word, and one another’s company. We do more than just work on our lessons: We discuss what we find in the Word, and the conversation is really encouraging and inspiring. I recommend taking your Bibles and reading a passage or two together and discussing it together as a couple!


Have a game night! There are some fun, 2-player games out there! Pick out a new game (or bring out an old favorite), order in, and have a game night. If you have kids, drop them off at the grandparents or a friend’s house for the evening.

I love cooperative games (which means players are on a team against the game), like Forbidden Island, Pandemic, and Codenames (it becomes cooperative when there are only 2 players).

Find a museum that interests you or your guy. My husband loves WWII history and aviation, and there are some great museums (big and small) within an hour of where we live, and it doesn’t cost a lot to go.

Be a tourist! Whether it’s in your own town or you take a mini-road trip and drive a couple hours, it’s fun to explore the famous landmarks, markets, and restaurants. If you’re close to a larger city, there are usually several different neighborhoods to explore. That means more date night locations!

Try something brand new. It can be a restaurant or food you’ve never had or maybe something more daring, like sky-diving (I’m still trying to talk my guy into this one)! One year, I got my husband an introductory flying lesson, and I got to ride along in the back seat, taking pictures and videos, while he flew the airplane.


  • Plan a picnic – whether an indoor one when it’s cold outside or an actual one at the park. There is nothing more romantic and sweet than a well-thought-out picnic.
  • Hiking together – Plan to explore a cool new trail, and find some pretty views nearby.
  • Visit a museum together. Find some local art exhibits to visit or a science museum. You will be surprised at the random facts you will learn, and you’ll have something new and interesting to discuss over dinner.
  • Have a game night. Monopoly, Clue, Scrabble, UNO . . . the list is endless!


My husband and I love simple date nights where we just pick a good restaurant and then hit up our favorite stores. We are both creatures of habit, and admittedly, we don’t think outside the box all that much when it comes to dates! But recently, I ran across some date night ideas online that I thought were cute. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, here are a few spontaneous date night ideas that are almost guaranteed to make memories:

  • Walk or drive around your neighborhood/town, and create photo evidence suggesting you went on an adventure together that didn’t really happen.
  • Go for a drive. You can only make right-hand turns. When you get stuck, make only left-hand turns. Repeat until you find something interesting. Take photos along the way.
  • If you’re married and need a mini-vacation, go to the airport and get the cheapest, soonest departing flight to anywhere. Stay there for a weekend.


We hope you enjoy these date night ideas from our team! If you have a chance to give some of them a try, let us know how they go – and make sure you leave your own date night ideas in the comments!