Wait for Redeeming Love

November 06, 2014

Do you remember as a little girl hearing the story of Cinderella and anxiously wondering if she would ever escape from her evil step-sisters and step-mother? Perhaps as you grew up you also grew out of fairy tales and then learned about Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Maybe then you fell in love with the fantasy of Hollywood’s fictitious stories that left wistful thoughts of longing in your mind that you could one day be the heroine in those delightful stories.

Many women fall into daydreams and desire to be swept away to a land of love and admiration that really don’t exist. All these romance books, fairy tales, and fantasies we drown ourselves in are just imaginary. So let me introduce you to a true, ancient romance: the story of Ruth in the Bible.

Widowed, childless, and bereft of her family, country, and all that was familiar to her, Ruth became a foreigner in the land of Bethlehem. Ruth and her mother-in-law, Naomi, had fled from Moab due to a time of great famine and darkness. Naomi was also a widow and the two of them were in much grief. While in Bethlehem, Ruth watched over Naomi with great care and love. She chose to stay by Naomi’s side as a faithful daughter-in-law after all their tragedy, and she began reaping barley in the fields to provide for their needs.

One day, Ruth just so happened to be working in a section of the field that was owned by a wealthy and reputable man named Boaz who was captivated by Ruth. It was not merely her beauty that caught his attention, however; the wealthy landowner was amazed by her strength and commitment to hard work and was willing to work for her, in return. Boaz knew the price it would cost him to pursue Ruth, and he was patient and loyal in tending to Ruth’s needs. Granted, he knew that in order to pursue Ruth he would have to buy the land that belonged to her deceased husband, who had also been Naomi’s son.

Boaz redeemed the land of the nearest kinsman by arranging business details to save the land that Naomi had up for sale. After life was brought back to the land, Boaz married his beloved Ruth. He had been willing to marry a widow of a close, deceased relative. He knew all the baggage that Ruth carried on her shoulders, yet he was still willing to rescue her from every aspect of distress.

Many young ladies dream of meeting Prince Charming. I am sure we all want to meet the kind of prince whose character, wisdom, faith, humility, and integrity leaves us speechless. We desire to be in a relationship with a man of God that honors and cherishes us like priceless rubies, but we will only discover such a man as this if he is a man after God’s own heart, loving Him above everything else.

For a man to completely love his wife in the way Christ loved the Church, he must have a relationship with God first. If a man can not lead his own life in the ways of God, then how can he lead you? A true leader is one that passionately drives every soul to be more Christ-like and sacrificial by example. A man with God-given strength will be unafraid of obstacles and courageously face the adversary just like Boaz faced in restoring a barren land and marrying Ruth.  Boaz did not need a Genie in a bottle or a magic carpet to rescue Ruth, he did not search the land to find the perfect sized foot to fit a glass slipper. Boaz simply put his faith and trust in the Lord, as did Ruth. Boaz saw Ruth’s inward beauty of heart and character, not the exterior surface.

Am I saying that your Prince is Mr. Perfect? Absolutely not. Every man has his flaws just as we women do, but what matters is being faithful while working on one’s flaws. The key to faithfulness is consistency in prayer, the Word of God, and self-sacrifice.  

But those things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart. {Matthew 15:18}

This leads me to ask, does your prince discuss godly or earthly investments? Does he love the things of God or the things of this world? Will he lead you down the pathway of righteousness or stray you to the pathway of sin? A godly man watches out and prays for others’ souls. He will admire, honor, and respect the ways and values of God.

Know that you must find your identify in God first before you can fulfill the demands of a relationship. Search deeply within you to find who you are through God and set high moral standards for yourself. Can you define what you are truly looking for in a man that is actually worth waiting for? Find a journal that you can make a list of qualities and characteristics that you desire to have in a husband and then pray over that list. Read your Bible and study a characteristics that you would desire to have in a partner. Set expectations that are pleasing to God do not settle for what solely pleases the flesh.

Wait patiently for the right man who is a faithful servant to the kingdom of God, never settle for less or compromise out of mere convenience.  Lowering your expectations and entering into a mediocre, dull relationship is not the the answer to your dreams – even when you are lonely. If a man does not treat you like a lady of God, he is not a man of God. A true man is willing to earn a lady’s heart with patience and kindness. Ruth and Boaz’s love story is one filled with compassion, strength, honor, and bravery.

Will you too be willing to wait for the redeeming love of your own Boaz?

PS ::: the lovely feature image is from Charity Jewell’s wedding via WhisperShout Weddings to her own Boaz in June 2013. It was a perfect match and today they are working for the Kingdom of God in many aspects in their home church. View more of their wedding pictures on this Pinterest board!