Ways to Stay Healthy to Avoid the Holiday Slump

December 01, 2017

Friends, the holiday season is here and I couldn’t be more excited!

I absolutely LOVE this time of year: it’s full of sweet family + friends, baked goodies, family traditions, and so much more goodness.

However, although this is such a wonderful time of year, it’s also a time of year where we can easily let all health + fitness routines we’ve worked so hard on to slip out the window. I totally get it though, so I’m going to drop some tips and ideas that will help you stay on track (as much as possible!) for the rest of the season, and how to jump start into the new year!

With all of the glorious food and sweet goodies around us, it can be hard to have willpower strong enough to withstand all of the temptation. The wonderful thing about building a lifestyle instead of just a “diet” though is that it allows for leeway when it comes to occasions like holidays, birthdays, office parties, or that time you’re really just craving Dunkin’ Donuts!

The Mind
  1. Build a plan: From a macro plan, to an exercise plan… to a plan of action when the “yum” becomes too much! Have a solid plan down on paper or somewhere accessible like your phone, and stick to it as close as possible. If we fail to plan, we plan to fail.
  2. Stay Active: It doesn’t always have to be a gym sesh. During the holidays those gym routines may be a little harder to get to, so grab your friends, nieces + nephews, neighborhood children and hit the outdoors for a friendly game of football (or kickball, tag, four-square, basketball + a ton of other games!)
  3. Drink water, eat your veggies & then just relax: Take this time to rejuvenate yourself for the upcoming year. This season can be a little stressful, but if we can focus on the small moments… the joys in laughter, the love in giving + caring for others – we will find it much easier to unwind and prepare for the new year!
  4. Start on your New Year plan NOW: No, you don’t have to wait until the new year to start building your lifestyle… but you most certainly should have a plan in place. The new year brings many resolutions, most with good intent. Let this coming new year be a one of “intentional lifestyle”, not necessarily just a resolution.
  5. Find accountability: Whether it be a friend, a spouse, a workout partner, or even a trainer that you have to check in with… DO IT!
The Body

This is my GO-TO quick sweat-session that you can do in 10 minutes or under – anytime, anywhere! This Is great for the holidays when you barely have any time, or even any willpower to workout. Remind yourself that it’s “just 10 minutes” and you’ll convince yourself to make it through!

    1. 10 Burpees (with or without push-up)

    1. 10 Jump Squats

    1. 30-60 Ground Runners (start with a plank, then move legs like you are running)

    1. 10 Jump Squats (narrow stance)

    10 Burpees (with or without push-up)

Complete this round 2-3 times.

You may not be able to complete all of it, but push, do your best, and get a good sweat in to stay healthy and avoid the holiday slump!

I pray this cheerful season finds you and yours well!