Wedding Feature: Lexy Carlock

January 29, 2021 · by Jennifer Smith

Today on the blog, we're excited to share Lexy Carlock's beautiful wedding! Lexy has a long history with Dainty Jewell's, including being both a Dainty Jewells' model and a writer for our blogging team. We're happy to welcome her back today with her gorgeous wedding details. Keep on reading, and enjoy!


    My wedding theme/vibe was classy and happy. I had bright whites with splashes of red, gold, and black. It was an outside ceremony at a country club with an indoor reception ballroom. I wanted everything to be bright and full of life. We had perfect weather!!

    One of my favorite memories of the day was how my parents surprised me by having everyone I am close to “give me away.” When my pastor said, “Who gives this bride,” my dad turned me around, and I saw several people (family, friends, and church family) individually stand up as they said, “We do.” My mother then joined my father as they turned me back around facing my pastor and husband and they finished with the last “We do.”

    Another favorite memory was giving both of my parents a special hanky. I surprised both of them, and my photographer caught the moments. Let’s just say we all cried! On the hanky I had embroidered, “For drying your tears as you dried mine, today a bride, tomorrow a wife, always your daughter,” then I had my name and date on it. Super special moments!

    The funniest moment was probably when the groomsmen all pulled out ring boxes when the minister asked for the rings. My husband had to guess which box had my ring in it. The best man had a second box on him which ultimately had my ring. Another moment was when we were getting our bridal party pictures after the ceremony and the best man grabbed another groomsman and picked him up and almost threw him in the pond (we had a very fun bridal party; we were all mostly childhood best friends).

    The first place I went to, I found my dress. It was like a Cinderella moment. The moment I put it on, I knew. We were only engaged for 4-1/2 months. I didn’t have a whole lot of time to find a dress. I believe God ordained it. Everything was so easy in planning. I believe it was that way because we were in the will of God and His timing.

    Some advice I have is the same my dad gave me before I got married: You can either go down in history as a "Kate Plus 8" bride (bridezilla) or as a "Princess Kate Middleton/Diana." You get to choose. 

    I chose not to be stressed on my wedding day. It was literally a choice. Everything that happened, I held a smile on my face and didn’t let it worry me. Everyone in my bridal party has since commented about how happy and stress-free the day was. 

    As the bride, you set the tone of happiness. Don’t stress! Also, make sure it’s right timing. You may be dating the man you're supposed to be with, but it may not be the right timing of marriage. My husband and I both waited until we received our bachelor's degrees from college and were financially stable before we married. It made planning and our first few months of marriage waaaayyyy easier!!

    My husband and I have never dated or been with anyone but each other. I started praying for my husband when I was around 13. I actually wrote him letters throughout my teenage years. After we got back from our honeymoon, I shared all those letters with my husband. To my surprise, he had also written letters to his future wife! 

    Marriage is such a serious commitment. You need to pray when you’re young about who you are to marry. God truly brought us together because we sought Him first about it.

    Beautiful Photography: Elizabeth and George

    Jennifer Smith

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