Wedding Inspiration: 3 Ways to Make Your Bridal Gown Modest

March 04, 2015

One of the most exciting parts of planning a wedding is shopping for the dress! You get to try on quite a few fabulous gowns while the bridal consultants pamper you, and your friends and family ooh and ahh over all of the selections.

However, as Apostolic ladies who believe modesty is essential, we understand the frustration of most bridal gowns being far from modest. Often we spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to cover up in the dress while not covering the beauty of the gown itself.

Thankfully, now cover-ups are becoming more popular and you can even look in other places than just your typical bridal shop to find a way to make your bridal gown modest!

At the beginning of the year, Charity shared a post about the trend of bridal gowns becoming more quirky, and I think cover-ups can be the same as well. You can take your traditional gown and make it quirky, unique, or completely your own by simply adding a different cover-up.

bride capelet
image via the knot

This capelet is fairly traditional in the sense that it looks very bridal. The delicate beading and soft material would be a great accent to any gown but it is a slightly different twist than simply adding sleeves. It looks beautiful on this simpler sheath dress, but could easily work for a more voluminous, beaded gown, as well.

image via society bride

What girl doesn’t love a little sparkle? And it’s even better when you get to wear that sparkle! Adding a sparkly cardigan or even just one with a fun print will make your dress more unique and adds some color to your gown. The sparkle cardigan or jacket is perfect for a formal evening wedding!

bride scarf
image by Lillian and Leonard via Rock My Wedding

Finally, I love the idea of draping a scarf over your shoulders. This would be perfect for an evening wedding, an ethereal, outdoor wedding, or a morning wedding. You can buy a formal lightweight scarf or even use one that has been in your family for generations, and drape it over your dress. Not only will you make your dress more modest but you will also give the dress additional beautiful details and make your gown completely your own.


How are you planning on making your bridal gown modest? Let us know in the comments below!