When God Says Yes to Our Requests

March 15, 2017

Saying a resounding “yes” to a social engagement is one of my very favorite things on earth.

Somehow, saying “yes” is liberating, freeing and mutually exciting. It brings this sense of hope to any conversation and is quite “open-ended.” No? Think about the last time you heard yes…or alternately, the last time you heard no: how did it make you feel? What did you learn from the interaction?

So what about our spiritual lives? We’ve talked a lot on the blog about waiting on God, about gratitude, about listening for His voice, but sometimes we forget about the joyful times when God says Yes to our requests!

Because He does say yes sometimes…and the joy of that Yes is unsurpassed by any other feeling on earth.

So why don’t we talk about the “Yes” answers more often?

We hesitate to talk about these beautiful answers because we feel alternately unworthy or guilty of receiving these blessings when others may be hurting. Think about your own life and social circle for a moment. When you have a moment of rejoicing, how do those in your circle respond? Do they respond with joy of your success? Do they respond with jealousy? Are they quick to criticize or do they take a moment to celebrate and then express concern over other details? Your social circle often will dictate your spiritual state in the way you process or possess the answer given in the sacred, holy moments with God: the “holy yes” moments.

When I think of examples of the holy “Yes,” the first prayer that comes to mind is that of Hannah. She was barren, without children, and without hope of ever having a child. And yet she sought the Lord, begged Him for her “yes” and he granted her prayer.

For this child I prayed, and the LORD has granted me my petition that I made to him.
{I Samuel 1:27}

Let’s take a quick look through the chapter – what do we see? Do we see her coming back to the house and spreading her “yes” around the house that God had granted her wish? No, the scripture makes no mention of that, but it does say that she went home and in due time she conceived (27:19) and gave birth to Samuel (27:20), and then brought him to the Lord as His servant (27:23-28). In between all of that, she prayed a crucial prayer.

There are two things I want to point out here that Hannah did:

1. Hannah Possessed Her Yes

In verse 18 we see something so pivotal in Hannah’s response- something we ladies don’t often say enough – she prayed a prayer that showed her faith: “Let your servant find favor in your eyes.”

When was the last time you prayed for favor? Does it seem odd in this moment that she would pray for favor after being promised the blessing that she had been begging for at the altar?

She prayed clearly for favor. She prayed for her need – for her desire, her hearts longing – and once promised it, she prayed for favor.

Hannah grasped the concept that the only thing that makes a Yes powerful is when you do something with it. In Hannah’s ability to clearly pray for the favor of the Lord upon an answer that she had been given we see her doing something that we as women often struggle with: possession.

Aggression as women is something we see quite often in our secular world. Yet while we can muster up the courage to request a raise or a soapbox to stand on in conversation, we often stagnate in the spiritual world and don’t take possession of the answers given to us in the intimate moments with God. If God has given you an answer, you need to claim that answer. And more importantly, request the favor of the Lord on the progression of the answer as it unfolds in your life. Possess your Yes through prayer. Possess your Yes by protecting it in the way you process it.

2. Hanndh Processed Her Yes

Hannah didn’t run home and tell her accuser (Penninah) about her promise. We aren’t even sure she went home and told her husband about her promise. She went home and she processed her Yes in her day-to-day life. She possessed her Yes and she also processed her Yes without inviting others to criticize or doubt her God-given answer. While she had to be ecstatic over the answer God had given her, she didn’t spread that answer around.

Sometimes we are too quick to announce our answer to others, rather than quietly processing it ourselves. We want to talk about it, and we want to share it, but does it often diminish our faith by inviting the opinions of others into a moment that was sacred between ourselves and God? I’m not saying we shouldn’t ever share our conversations, but that sometimes we need to take some time to process the happenings of our hearts and answers in a way that allows our faith to have freedom to grow. Your Yes has been promised – give it wings to bloom in the hope that only your heart can truly feel for the answer that is meant for your heart alone.

Do you have an answer that you need from God?

Have you received an answer that you are allowing to bloom in your heart? Good for you! Maybe if you’re quick to run to others, try this next time: Possess your Yes with Jesus and take some time to Process that answer as well. 

The Lord may grant your request, and he may give you a resounding Yes that only you hear. Hide that yes in your heart…