White Pumpkin Wedding Ideas

August 13, 2014

Image via Feather Love Photography

If you’re in the planning phase of your wedding, chances are, summer will be long gone by the time your big day arrives. With that in mind, I have some autumn wedding inspiration for you this week.

I love pumpkins; seeing them in stores feeds my anticipation of the holidays soon to follow. Orange pumpkins are pretty and can definitely be used for weddings, but because they’re often associated with Halloween, white pumpkins can lend a more fresh, modern, and festive air. They’re also more elegant in general.

Image via McKenzie Powell Floral & Event Design & Sean Flanigan Photography

Here are a few ways you can use white pumpkins:

Pumpkins can also be “bedazzled,” stenciled, wrapped in lace or fishnet, or decorated with flowers, ribbon, sequins, metallic paint, and glitter.

pumpkin-decorPicsee Studio via Style Me Pretty

I’ve included links to instructions for some of the items listed above. You can find more how-tos on Google. Click here for tips on making gorgeous “dipped” or chevron pumpkins.

Image via Formal Fringe

Local farms and farm markets are your best option for live white pumpkins. (Some farms and pumpkin patches actually rent out their premises for weddings.) Keep in mind that live pumpkins are only available from August to November. The following website contains a thorough list of pumpkin patches in just about any area: http://www.pumpkinpatchesandmore.org.

Jan Garcia Photography via JL Designs

What I’ve found is that most brides use artificial pumpkins or spray paint orange ones white – both practical (and cheaper) options. Keep in mind that once a live pumpkin is cut, it will only last a few days, though refrigerating will help it last longer. One farmer recommends wrapping pumpkins in plastic before refrigerating them. Heat and moisture will ruin pumpkins quickly.

Desiree Shuey Photography via GreenWeddingShoes

Artificial pumpkins can be found at places such as Hobby Lobby, Amazon, and Wal-Mart. When it comes to using and decorating pumpkins, remember, Google and Pinterest are your best friends.