Why Being “Equally Yoked” Matters

July 24, 2014

Today’s post is for all my single sisters out there who are looking for The One – you know, that handsome someone who will sweep you off your feet and whisk you into Happily Ever After.

There’s much to be said about not settling for a guy just to keep your name off the old maid roster, but today we’ll narrow our focus to one point: if you have a relationship with God, don’t settle for someone who doesn’t.

II Corinthians 6:14 says not to be unequally yoked with unbelievers. This applies to more than just marriage, but of all relationships, marriage is the most permanent and life-changing. Even so, some may wonder: Why does God care? If I’m living for Him, isn’t that enough?

If you’re reading this, you probably already know that God’s ways are flawless; in some way or another, your obedience to Him will eventually work in your favor. Even so, some women believe all they’ll need for a successful marriage is love. While love and commitment are necessary to make any marriage work, they won’t fill the gaping void left by a husband who doesn’t share your faith.

Unfortunately, it’s easier to fully understand this after the “I do’s” have been said than before. If my husband were indifferent toward God – or if he told me I could go to church but it wasn’t for him – it would temper the sweetness that makes our marriage so good. How tragic it is when you can’t share the most important thing in your life with someone you love! When you’re sold out to Jesus, you won’t feel a complete sense of unity with someone who isn’t.


And that’s before kids come along.

Once they’re in the picture, your husband’s walk with God will be even more important. Where your children spend eternity will mean everything to you. Having a husband who is a godly example for your kids can save you infinite heartache.

In a short blog post, I can only scratch the surface of the benefits of having a Christ-focused husband and the disadvantages of not having one. But I hope that if you feel drawn toward someone who is weak in his faith, this post gives you something to think about. Wait for God’s best! Remember: in ALL your ways acknowledge God, and He will give you the desires of your heart!