Why Jealousy Wastes Time

July 20, 2020 · by Jacy Lee Pulford

In our modern culture, we've been invited into the intimate places of people's lives that we've never had access to before. 

With one swipe or tap, we can be instantly transported into a celebration of a new marriage, baby, or home. We can also watch someone preach at a conference, lead worship during services, launch a successful business...and become jealous that it's not us doing it. 

This invitation into these areas is magnified and so is our natural tendency as flawed humans to want what other people have. Whether it's a relationship or an opportunity, we can be easily deceived in thinking that what God's doing in our lives isn't enough. This reminds me how being jealous over someone else's blessings is a time-waster. 

What jealousy does is force our eyes onto what we're lacking, rather than on what we have. Behind every success is hard work no one sees. We don't see the preacher on his face at the feet of his bed, burdened by the message he's been called to give on Sunday. We don't see the worship leader practicing for hours to learn the melody of a song. We don't see all the research and late-night working the entrepreneur did before launching their business. And because we assume their blessings can be attained too, we forget about the blessings that God has available for us individually today!

Jealousy is like looking at an empty hand when God is filling the other one. We get distracted by the shiny things and don't notice the treasures we've been given. To think that God has given someone else something we deserve is thinking we matter more. That we have more value. We have been given just one life. If we want to put a number on it, that’s about 80-90 years of age to live. Can you imagine if we spent the majority of our time here on earth being bitter about how God is blessing others?

Not having peace about the things God is doing in our lives is not helping us move forward to do what He is asking us to do. It's wasting the time we have to use the talents and gifts for His glory. Her choir solo, her new job, her engagement, her wardrobe, her friendships, her preaching… 

Her blessings don't mean yours aren't on the way. God never runs out of blessings!

We need to remember the words of God in Isaiah 55:9 that state:

For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.

If someone else has something you don’t have, there’s a reason for it. It could be that it’s not the right time for you to have it. Timing is everything to the Lord. It could also mean it’s not in His plans for your life because He knows the price it would cost you. That price could cost you your soul. 

So today, write down three things that you're thankful for in your life. The blessings that God has assigned to you. And remind yourself that celebrating another sister's blessing is part of loving our neighbor. We're all adopted into the family of God and our Father's riches will never run out. He knows what you need to thrive and be saved. Trust Him. Be thankful. And use your time wisely, embracing the blessings Jesus has given you right now. 

Jacy Lee Pulford

About Jacy Lee Pulford

Jacy Lee Pulford is a creative wife, mom, writer & artist. With the help of Jesus & mint tea, she works from home while homeschooling her two boys in Connecticut. Join Jacy for daily devotions on Instagram @helloawesomelive & listen to the Hello Awesome Podcast on iTunes or Spotify.