Brand Ambassadors / Hannah Graley

Hannah Graley

Oklahoma City, OK

"Modesty is also an attitude and another way I can represent Christ outwardly"

I’m a full time stay-at-home mom to a beautiful daughter and son ❤️

I’m also a blogger/vlogger and self appointed advocate for long hair; trying to help ladies cherish their glory.

I am a military spouse. My husband and I have served as student pastors, worked in children’s ministry and I have served in music ministry in each church we’ve been to (we move everything three years).

I enjoy playing piano, singing, songwriting, adventuring, trying new foods, discovering fun new places, shopping, fixing hair, and going to amazing dessert shops, and spoiling my babies.

How would you describe your personal style?

This is a tough one for me. I love so many different genres of style. I definitely wouldn’t say I’m trendy, though. I just wear what I like while trying to keep timeless pieces in my closet.

What is one thing your closet can’t do without?

A neutral-colored bag/purse that goes with anything.

Why is modesty important to you?

I think modesty is important because it’s a way I can reflect Christ. Modesty means so much more to me than just wearing skirts, or looking a specific way. It goes deeper than that. Modesty is also an attitude and another way I can represent Christ outwardly 💛