4 Super Cute Gift-Wrapping Ideas

December 18, 2020 ยท by Jacy Lee Pulford

I had this idea for a post based off of a true story that happened to me years ago. 

We were getting ready for a birthday party for one of our close church friend's daughters. In my flurry of tucking in messy little boy shirts and combing frizzy hair, something skipped my mind. I would soon find out what. As I went to reach for the birthday gift by the door, I realized it was not wrapped. What a goof! 

My creative mind began to whirl. Okay, I don't have typical wrapping paper...What do I have? I flew downstairs to my craft stash. I am sure I ran so fast that my two boys were spinning like tops as their mother ran like the wind! After a few moments of poking and contemplating, I had an idea. Fabric! I had seen someone post on Pinterest a cute package wrapped in fabric with a sweet little knot on top. So that's exactly what I did. 

On our way to the birthday party, I stared at the cream tulle swirling around the little girl's gift. A satin ribbon rested around the knot at the top. I started to feel silly and guilty. How am I going to just hand over this gift wrapped in a non-traditional way? I should have prepared more. But it turned out to be a hit! Compliments flooded around the party and the little girl thought it was so fun to have a gift wrapped in fabric. Wiping my brow, it was a lesson I'd never forget. Sometimes taking a chance creatively, even if it's just with wrapping gifts, is rewarding for all.

With this in mind, I searched for a few ways to take a gift and wrap it in a super cute way. Fabric, paint, colorful yarn...the possibilities are truly endless. 

I am definitely going to do this sometime! This paint-splattered kraft paper is not only adorable, it's really stylish. Visit the original post here on how this blogger made it happen.

Adding an element to embellish gifts really makes them stand out as a little piece of art. These feminine touches would be perfect for those ladies in your life. See this post for all the delicate details!

There is nothing more fun than fuzzy pompoms! This simple approach will not break the bank. You can find them at your local dollar store. Go visit this post for the step by step.

Do you also have a fabric stash lying around? Put it to use this holiday season. I can tell you if someone handed me a gift wrapped like this, I'd smile so big! You can learn more about this fabric-wrapping style right here

Take a few extra minutes this Christmas to be creative with how you wrap gifts. You never know. It might become a sweet memory everyone will remember.

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