Creating Christmas Traditions

December 17, 2015

We talk a lot about traditions and intentionality here on the site, and building a place of warmth as your home. We possibly talk too much about it for some of the single girls who read the blog, but one would hope that all of us have family and friend we can celebrate seasons, holidays and life moments with – and in that way, your traditions become what we allow them to be – how much intention we pour into our time is equal to the benefit we will derive from it.

Last Christmas was one of my personal busiest, as it was the first season I was working a fixed schedule job – 8am to 8pm on average – and I have to be honest and say I struggled with the transition of rushing into work and finishing the tasks and coming home and celebrating in the various traditional ways, or even just getting into the holiday spirit.

One night that I look back on as when I was able to fully embrace the Christmas mood was the night that my mom, sister and myself had my “adopted” niece and nephew over to the house and we just took a break from all the holiday crazy and made cookies, crafts and just generally enjoyed Christmas through the eyes of these beautiful little children.

It doesn’t have to be hard to create a tradition, we made easy shortbread cookies, we purchased crafts from Target’s $1 section, and we just set everything else aside for that one night. It was magical.

Feeling like you can’t afford to take a break? Let’s break it down.
What will happen if your Christmas cards go out late? People will realize you get busy and are imperfect too.
What will happen if your dish for the holiday party isn’t the most gourmet? No one will care – they’re too busy trying to get home too.
The most important question: What will happen if you wake up on January 1st realizing you never took the time to celebrate CHRIST in Christmas? You will regret it, and so will those around you. A Grinchy spirit is just as contagious as a Cheerful spirit.
The Lord took a break during creation – which we would all agree is much more significant than our to-do list – and I think he approves of us taking a break during our holiday to cultivate memories and heart-filling traditions.

Be Intentional with your time this season. Love freely. Laugh often. Live in the Season.