Crockpot Potato Soup

April 10, 2020 · by Ashton Dorow

Other than my grandmother’s potato corn chowder, this is my FAVORITE potato soup recipe! It cooks in one crockpot, requires minimal cleanup, and is addictively delicious. My husband and I can easily eat two bowls a piece when I make this. And they aren’t little shallow bowls, either. I have a set of Pioneer Woman dishes, and all of her bowls are massive. #NoShameHere

I got this recipe from a longtime family friend and church member, Shana Campbell (a big thanks to her for giving me permission to share it!). She’s a great cook, and she came up with this recipe several years ago. She started with a basic recipe she found online and then tweaked and added several ingredients until she had it just right.

Happy eating, friends!


1 bag potatoes O'Brien

1 32-oz box chicken broth

1 can cream of chicken soup

2 cups shredded cheddar

1 block cream cheese (softened for best melting results)

1 small bag of real crumbled bacon


garlic salt


Tony's or Slap Your Momma cajun seasoning

**Note: You can just eyeball the seasonings to taste!**


  1. In crockpot, combine broth, soup, and seasonings. Mix together.
  2. Add potatoes, cheese, and bacon. Mix together.
  3. Cook on low for 5 hours or on high for 3 hours.
  4. 30-45 minutes before serving, cut the cream cheese into chunks and add it to the crockpot on low. If needed, let the soup sit on low for additional minutes to continue melting the cream cheese (I usually have to do this because I don’t like any chunks of cream cheese to be left).
  5. Enjoy! =)
Ashton Dorow

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