Easy Mexican Chocoflan

March 02, 2018

Today I am so excited to share one of my favorite dessert recipes with you all. I have always been one who loves all things chocolate, and I also love a good flan. So when someone gets the idea to put them together and enjoy them in the same bite, I am completely on board! This is a recipe you will need to try if you love a sweet and savory dessert. The chocoflan has two parts to it–the flan layer, and the chocolate cake base. There are many varieties of this kind of cake, but I have put together an easy and quick recipe you can pop into the oven in minutes.

Ingredients for the flan layer:
·         5 eggs
·         1 can condensed milk
·         1 can evaporated milk
·         1 tbsp vanilla flavoring

Ingredients for the chocolate cake:
·         3 eggs
·         1 cup milk
·         Bundt pan

First, you will want to preheat the oven to 420˚F. Then prepare the Bundt pan by buttering the pan well before getting started. You want to make sure that it will not stick when you are trying to remove the chocoflan from the pan.

Step 1
Use your favorite brand of boxed chocolate cake mix, and follow the directions accordingly to create a cake mix. I personally choose a chocolate cake that is already moist. Add the mix into your well-buttered pan.

Step 2
Next, we will create the flan layer. Mix all of your ingredients together in a bowl or blender. (I prefer a blender for a smoother consistency.) Once all ingredients are mixed together–(this is the hardest part)–add the flan batter into the same Bundt pan that holds the chocolate cake mix. I hold a serving spoon over the bundt pan and pour the flan mixture into the spoon, displacing the flan mixture gently and evenly. You do not want to create any “holes” in the cake mix layer.

You can now pop the pan into the oven at 400˚F for about 30 minutes, or until you can poke it with a knife and it comes out clean. Once it is complete, let it cool for about an hour before attempting to remove it. You want to allow the flan layer to cool completely, as it is tender and very easy for it to collapse.

Once you have placed it on a plate and turned it right side up, you will see that the flan is now at the top and the chocolate cake on the base.

Serve it with your favorite drink or a glass of milk and enjoy!

If you try this delectable recipe for your family and friends, please let us know by using hashtag #shesintentional on social media, and give us your feedback! I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.