End of Summer Baking

September 06, 2016

I am definitely beginning to long for all things fall.

I want my home to be decorated with pumpkins and burlap, I want to smell cinnamon in every room, and I want to serve hearty soups and casseroles to my family at dinner.

While the autumn season is on the horizon, it is still very much summer and that means we have a little time left for summer cooking and baking. Baking doesn’t always seem like a summery activity but when you think about the wonderful desserts you can make with summer berries, extra citrus, and light cream filled pastries you might find yourself anxious to get in the kitchen for one last summer baking day.

Citrus is always a must have in the summer. Every dessert is perfect with a little added lemon, lime or orange. But other fruits like berries just don’t get much better than the summertime has to offer. You can find plenty of desserts to make in the summer on Pinterest but the most prominent thing you will find are fruit filled desserts. In the heat of the summer light, fruity desserts are the best way to end a barbecue or a family meal.

Here are a few baking recipes that caught my eye and made my must-bake list:

Nothing really screams summer like a pie on a picnic table. This Mixed Berry Pie would be the perfect way to end your summertime fun.


image via Blahnik Baker

Peaches are prominent in the summer and if you find yourself with an overabundance you can use a few up in this Summer Peach Upside-Down Coffee Cake.


image via Whole and Heavenly Oven

This Rustic Blueberry Lemon Tart has the light creamy filling that mixes citrus and blueberries. This cool dessert is a fun way to end a hot meal.


image via Simply Stacie

Strawberries and lemon are both wonderful in the summer and put together make an amazing flavor combination. Give it a try with these Strawberry Lemonade Bars!


image via The Baker Upstairs

What are your favorite summer desserts and how are you planning to incorporate them into the last few weeks of this glorious summer? Let us know in the comments below!