Homemade Ice Cream 3 Different Ways

July 26, 2016

One summer staple I cannot live without is ice cream.

It seems to be the one thing that gives me hope that I can endure the summer heat. I like going to the store and looking through all of the variety of flavors. I love going to ice cream shops and driving through places to grab a cone. But there is something refreshing about making your own ice cream in your house — it always tastes great and there are so many different options to make it keeps the summer fun.

I do have a pretty simple ice cream maker and I enjoy using that, but if you don’t have a machine, don’t worry, there are recipes for ice cream that only require your normal kitchen appliances! (This is the machine I use). I’m sharing three different recipes that give you three different ways you can make and enjoy your own homemade ice cream.

1. Ice Cream Maker Recipe

Root Beer Ice Cream

image via What’s Cooking Chicago 

If you have an ice cream maker you have to try this Root Beer Float recipe. It’s one of the first ones I tried and I love it! It does require using eggs and while you can omit them if that isn’t something you want to use the eggs will give it a much creamier taste.

2 No-Churn Ice Cream Recipe


image via Celebrating Sweets

If you’re without an ice cream machine or you want to try a new way to make ice cream then you need to try no-churn ice cream. This method involves mixing the ingredients together and waiting for it to freeze. This No-Churn Vanilla Blackberry Ice Cream sounds divine!

3. Blender Ice Cream


image via Passion For Savings 

Almost everyone has a blender in their kitchen and you can even make ice cream in that appliance. This method is similar to the no-churn except you blend together your ingredients until it resembles soft-serve and then freeze until you get your consistency. This Homemade Peach Ice Cream only requires 3 ingredients and would be a wonderful mid-day treat.