Sand and Sun: A Birthday Trip to Hawaii

February 26, 2020 ยท by Charity Walter

Do you have a go-to vacation spot that never fails to refresh and rejuvenate? Hawaii is that place for me! I went a few years ago, and I was excited to go again this year for my birthday!

If you've been to Hawaii, I'd love to hear in our social media comments about what you did and any travel tips you may have. In the meantime, I thought I'd share a few of my tips as well as our travel itinerary. I hope these things come in helpful to you if you get the chance to go to Hawaii anytime soon!

Hawaii Travel Tips:

  • Bring snacks, and maybe even some food, if you're staying in a condo area.
  • When you buy groceries, avoid the big-name chain stores. The local stores offer so much more in terms of culture -- food, flowers, and all the fun! Shopping local is a great way to add a little authenticity to your Hawaii experience.
  • Hit the local farmers markets. Same as above, farmers markets are a great way to get a taste (both literally and figuratively!) of true Hawaiian culture.
  • Fly Southwest! Southwest now offers inter-island flights across Hawaii, so it's much more affordable to island-hop.

It's not hard to fill time in Hawaii! We had a cozy, memorable week:


Day 1: This was our first beach day, a day just to relax and soak in the atmosphere and the sights. We tried L&L BBQ for lunch and then had a homemade dinner.

Day 2: The guys snorkeled at Hanauma Bay, and we girls hit the area thrift shops! We took Monty to a wading beach at Managua Bay, and he had a blast; it was so perfect for kids! Dinner that night was at the yacht club with family.

Day 3: For my birthday, we went to Four Seasons Spa. We got a four-hour parking pass and resort access, so we stayed there most of the day. Dinner was at Kailua Farmers Market, where we had AMAZING Thai food. We also bought some delicious fruit.

Day 4: We went thrifting some more, because who can ever get enough of that? =) Then we had another nice, relaxing beach day, and then a sunset picnic at Ford Island.

Day 5: We visited the Big Island, had lunch, spent time on the beach, and visited shops in Kona. This was one of those days when Southwest's inter-island flying came in super handy!

Day 6: It was church day at The Rock O'ahu, and then time to get ready to go home. In the meantime, we took out time for one last beach day.

. . . And that was our week!

I'm super thankful for such a memorable birthday trip with my family. If you're traveling out to Hawaii anytime soon, I hope I've given you some ideas. Let me know your favorite destinations and travel tips in the social media comments @daintyjewellsblog; I'd love to hear them. <3

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