Spicy Bone Broth Chicken Soup

December 04, 2019

It’s sickness season, which means it’s soup season in our household! This spin on traditional chicken soup is one of my husband’s most requested meals. Even my two-year-old son loves it, and anything we can all agree on (that’s actually healthy!) is a winner in my book! So, here’s what you do:

Spicy Bone Broth Chicken Soup


  • 2-3 medium-sized diced red potatoes
  • 2 diced green bell peppers
  • 1 large diced yellow onion
  • 2 diced Roma tomatoes
  • 1 pack of chicken tenderloins (shredded)
  • 1 cup of chopped carrots
  • 1/2 cup of chopped Italian parsley
  • 2 cartons of bone broth (64 ounces total)
  • 1 finely chopped jalapeno pepper
  • 1/2 tablespoon of minced garlic
  • freshly ground pepper
  • 1 can of Rotel
  • shredded parmesan cheese
  • 1 cup of Ditalini noodles
  • 1 tablespoon of olive oil
  • 2 chicken bouillon cubes
  • 1 large bay leaf


First, pour the bone broth into a stock pot and place it on the highest temperature. Once the broth is boiling, add in the olive oil, bay leaf, minced garlic, diced carrots, potatoes, bell pepper, onion, tomato, jalapeno pepper, and Rotel (undrained).

Allow the veggies to boil for about 8 minutes, and then add in the noodles. After the no0dles have been added, allow the soup to boil until they are al dente. Then add in a handful of chopped Italian parsley and bring the soup to a simmer.

Place the chicken tenderloins in a deep saucepan. Add water to the pan until the tenderloins are completely covered, and then add in two crushed bouillon cubes. (I season my chicken with salt, ground pepper, thyme, oregano, and red pepper flakes.) Once the chicken is fully cooked, it needs to be shredded. (I actually use kitchen sheers and just cut mine up because I find that to be a little easier.)

After the chicken has been shredded or cut into bite-size pieces, add the entire contents of your saucepan to your stockpot, juice and all. Stir until the chicken has been evenly integrated into the soup.

Now it’s serve time! I top off my soup with some fresh parsley and parmesan cheese and often pair it with a toasted baguette. Enjoy!