Thanksgiving Fun!

November 22, 2023 ยท by Charity Walter

Thanksgiving is such a fun holiday, and I love to find ways to celebrate with my son, Monty. Today, I'm sharing some holiday crafts to do with your littles this Thanksgiving. These crafts are easy, budget-friendly, and loads of fun.  

1. Paintable Turkey Craft

Dollar Tree has some great, cheap crafts right now. These paintable autumn scenes are perfect for a rainy day. Hang the completed works on your refrigerator for some simple fall decor! :D

2. Hand Turkey Craft

Grab some finger paints and construction paper to make these adorable hand turkeys! Use brown on the palm and thumb and paint the rest of the fingers different colors to make a turkey and feathers. You can date the page and save it for next year to see how your little one has grown!

3. Dough Turkeys

These little dough turkeys are so cute! I used Rhodes roll dough and rolled it out into a circle. I then cut into slices (like a pizza) and set each slice in a muffin pan. This forms the dough like a turkey. Use scissors to cut the wider end and form feathers. Use a toothpick to poke holes for eyes in the narrower part. Bake as directed. The result is adorable! 

4. Hostess Turkeys

These little Hostess donut turkeys are such fun! Grab some toothpicks, Fruit Loops, and candy to decorate these mini donuts like turkeys! We used icing to attach the candy eyes. 

I hope you enjoy these fun Thanksgiving crafts with your family. From our family to yours, have a wonderful Thanksgiving! We're thankful for YOU!

Charity Walter

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