5 Tips for Creating a Successful Workout Routine

December 14, 2018

Hey there, lovelies!

Let’s be real, we humans seriously tend to overcomplicate what is actually quite simple. I am not saying fitness + health is a simple linear line, because truthfully — it is more of a winding road up a mountain!

Sometimes all we see is the big picture…all of the things we have to learn and do and ugh, where do you even start?!

Fitness + health is a learning curve, and you start by taking it day by day. You will not learn everything overnight. You will not accomplish your long-term goals in the next week or two. But a steady, daily routine is what we are looking for. Consistency with a purpose!

 So here are my top 5 tips to creating a successful (key-word here) workout routine!

  1. Know your limits. Don’t jump into a relationship with weights or a treadmill and start out at 7 days a week! Building a lasting lifestyle change is all about establishing something that works for your lifestyle. I know, sounds redundant right? But truly, if starting out at 2 days a week is all you can manage – girl, do that thing!
  2. Establish your workout routine. Whether you use a coach or not, you need to have a plan ready to go. Do your research if you need to, but establish what you are going to do at home or in the gym on what day. Many times, if we fail to plan ahead, we end up frustrated, or we just don’t work out at all. You will feel more confident with a plan, trust me! If having a coach will help you feel more confident, don’t feel shame for asking for help. We all have to start somewhere, and seeking help from an expert will always benefit you.
  3. Establish a time + dedication. Creating a habit of time for YOU is so important. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, carving out the time in your everyday life is essential. For beginners, I always suggest starting with something that is easy, like a walk or biking. This may not get you fast results (we think long-term anyways), but the habit you create will allow you to gradually move into harder things without feeling too overwhelmed about making the time! For any level, even on the days you aren’t working out, keep the 20-30 minutes for yourself and cozy up with a book (or take a long bath, go on a drive, hold your chickens [that’s what I would do]) and just enjoy YOUR time.
  4. Make a date. Mark it in your calendar. Put it on your to-do list. No seriously, I know you’ve heard this a thousand times, but you are more likely to succeed if it is something that is purposefully planned into your day. I pick my top 3 things I need to do in a day to have a successful day. Working out (on my workout days) is ALWAYS one of them! Make it a priority.
  5. Learn proper form! Through research or a coach, learning how to complete an exercise correctly is so important! I would rather you do less with proper form than more with bad form. You will not only avoid injury but reach your goals faster because you will be targeting exactly what you intend to target!
  6. Okay, okay, I know I said 5 tips, but this last one is something I think we all need: accountability. Again, whether it’s a coach, a friend, a parent, etc., being accountable to someone can be a gam-changer, especially in the early stages of forming a habit.

Forming a habit actually takes around 66 days…not 21 (I know, we’ve been lied to our entire childhoods!), so don’t get frustrated if you haven’t been able to stick to it as consistently as you wish in the first 3 weeks!

Keep going!

I know that starting out can be scary and intimidating. There is so much to learn, but just know there are always resources for you! I personally have a free crash course in fitness + nutrition at the bottom of my website HERE. It will give you all of the info that you will need in one place. Go slow, learn at your own pace, and know that you’ve got this!

XO with hugs and so much belief in you!

Go rock this, boo!