A Few Of My Favorite Things: Baby Edition

February 23, 2022 ยท by Brittani Scott

As a new mom, Instagram ads have been calling my name! 

I told my husband I may need to delete the app for a while, because I keep swiping up on all the cute baby clothes, toys, and things that are designed to make parenting easier. I'm sure I'm not the only who gets pulled in by creative advertising! 

And let's face it, some things are just not as great as the ads make them out to be. 

However, I have found a few things that have permanently landed on my favorites list!

I know every mom has different preferences and needs, so it's always best to find and use what works best for you... no matter what everyone else is doing. But I also know that hearing from someone who's tried a product or service and loves it can be nice!

So, here are a few of my favorite things as a new mom!

1. Snap/Button/Zipper-Free Jammies

I actually saw a recommendation for these jammies in a Facebook group before our sweet girl joined our family. This particular brand, Bonsie, was created with skin-to-skin time in mind. But I honestly just loved them for the ease of diaper changing and lack of a bulky zipper. I recently ordered some bigger jammies that are a similar style from Rags.com, and I'm excited to try them. All I know is that no snaps, buttons, or zippers are the way to go! 

2. Copper Pearl Bamboo Knit Swaddle Blankets

These blankets are so soft and have the perfect amount of stretch. Plus they come in a ton of cute colors and prints, so you can easily coordinate with your baby's outfits! 

3. Hatch Rest Smart Sound Machine

This little sound machine is also a night light and has an app! My sister-in-law used ours and ordered one for her baby because it actually gets pretty loud, which is nice when you need the extra help drowning out noise during nap time. You can adjust the brightness, light color, volume, and sounds from your smartphone. Plus, you can schedule the lights and sounds to go on, off, or change. Other than it being a great sound machine, the light has come in handy during those middle of the night feedings.

4. Boon Tripod Formula Dispenser

For on the go feedings, this thing has been great! Traveling, going to church... or just out at all. Being able to twist a cap and dump the formula into a bottle without having to measure makes for a mess-free, quick bottle.

5. Coterie Diapers

This was one of those things I saw on Instagram. They sold me on the all-white design, so I decided to order a sample. After using the few we got, my husband said we need to keep ordering these diapers! They really are that awesome! Beyond the clean, pattern/color free design, these diapers are soft, super absorbent, and made of high quality materials that will keep your baby's bum happy. 

6. Doona Carseat & Stroller

This is the combination carseat and stroller that we bought in faith as we waited for God to add to our family. We knew it would be a great option for traveling, and would reduce the amount of gear we'd need when we traveled to adopt. I seriously love our Doona! The two-in-one design is genius, it's easy to navigate in even tight places, it's not too heavy or bulky (but you never really need to carry it), and it looks nice!

These are all things I'm using right now, every day.

Are you a mom? I'd love to hear what some of your favorite things are! Join the conversation over on Instagram and let us know which great products of services are making your life easier right now. 

Brittani Scott

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