A Night In Paris

April 03, 2014

If there’s one thing I regret about my wedding, it’s my bridesmaids’ dresses. They weren’t terrible; they were just… boring. And finding a modest style? Eating a bowl of grapes with chopsticks would have been easier.

In the end, I chose sleeveless dresses that we had to painstakingly sew sleeves into. (And by “we,” I mean my dear mother.) The end result was okay, but who wants “okay” for a once-in-a-lifetime event?

I guess that’s why it makes me happy–even if a little wistful–when I see a wedding where the bridesmaids are wearing cute dresses that are actually modest! I ran into pictures of this gorgeous wedding recently, and I fell in love with the bridesmaids dresses:


View additional colors and lengths of A Night in Paris on the Dainty Jewell’s Apparel website here.


A modest neckline + elbow-length sleeves + a calf-length hemline + attractiveness and femininity = perfection!


I love how this dress flatters many body sizes and types. In this wedding, it was even perfect for the flower girl.”A Night in Paris” Dress – Photo Courtesy of KB Photography

A springy mint green was chosen for this wedding, but “A Night in Paris” comes in colors fit for autumn, summer, winter, and Christmas weddings as well.

Of course, this dress wasn’t necessarily designed with weddings in mind, which is another thing that makes it so great: it can be used for any dressy occasion.

“These bridesmaids dresses were perfect! After days of shopping and searching for modest bridesmaids dresses, I almost gave up. Either the dresses were extremely overpriced, too short, or the neckline was too low. But then I saw an Instagram post of the Night in Paris dress by Dainty Jewell’s and they were perfect!! Absolutely flattering for any lady and totally modest. I was very proud of how stunning they made my bridesmaids look!” –Kayla Pinson, satisfied bride

Click here to check out the “A Night in Paris” dress and see more sizes and colors!

All images via KB Photography