Baking Gift Basket Idea

May 08, 2023 ยท by Brittani Scott

This is the season for Mothers Day (this Sunday) and weddings, and that means we all need gift ideas! 

We recently celebrated the wedding of a lovely couple in our church, so I picked a couple of baking items from their registry and built a gift "basket" around it. 

They asked for a bundt cake pan and cookie scoops, so I loosely went with a baking theme. 

I started with a cookbook, since I know this couple loves to bake AND cook! Any cookbook or baking book works. I went with Magnolia Table, Volume 2, by Joanna Gaines.

Then I used the bundt cake pan as the basket for the other items. You could also use a fun mixing or serving bowl as the basket. 

Next, I added a boxed cake mix and chocolate chips. Other options would be the ingredients for a specific recipe (along with a recipe card), pasta and a jar or 2 of sauce, or pancake mix and a fun flavored syrup. 

Finally, I added a few tools and a dish towel. They asked for the scoops, and I threw in the spatula. Make sure you add some things that relate to the other items you chose! Whisks, pasta servers, lemon juicers... there are lots of cool kitchen gadgets to choose from! 

When you've added everything, tie it all up in a bow! You can wrap it all in clear, cellophane wrap or just wrap the ribbon around it.  

There are so many fun versions of this gift basket you can do! It makes for a fun, creative wedding gift and a lovely Mothers Day gift as well. 

Brittani Scott

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