Easy Updo for Long Hair

April 05, 2021 ยท by Andrea Long

Life certainly has a way of changing our priorities! As a teenager, I can remember spending an hour or more perfecting my hair and outfit for special events. Now, as a mother of two busy toddlers, I feel great if my hair is fixed! 

Church days, special events, conferences, and even date night go much smoother if I have a quick go-to hairstyle. Here is an easy updo for long, wavy, curly, or straight hair. This quick hairstyle will only take you a few minutes and have you looking classy and lovely! 

Start by sectioning off a portion of your hair in the front. This will be what you curl. The rest you can put in a low ponytail in the back or on the side of your head. Pull up at the crown to create a "bump." You can also add a bobby pin right above the ponytail to secure it. 

Twist the ponytail into a bun and pin. 

Once the bun is secure, you can begin curling the front section. I use a large curling iron to give my curls a fuller, messier look. You can spritz each piece with hairspray or even add mousse prior to curling. 

I like to spray each ringlet after curling it to lock the shape. 

After curling your front section, gently separate each curl and finger-comb them back toward the bun. 

Now you can begin pinning the curls back to your bun. Take a small section at a time and pin. This seems to add more volume and texture for me than taking the whole piece back at once. 

Gather the hair loosely against the bun and pin. There is no right or wrong way to pin the curls. My goal when pinning is to cover the bun completely. I like a messier look, but you can make your style more structured if you choose. 

Secure your curls against the bun. Spray the whole style with a light hairspray. You can also pull out small pieces around your face and curl for a soft, romantic look. Add a cute hair clip or headband to complete the look. 

Such a quick and easy style for teens or busy moms!

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