Modest Maternity Fashion Inspo

April 18, 2018

As you may know, my family will be expanding soon! We’ll be welcoming our new baby boy into our lives in July. I’ve had a lot of fun lately incorporating Dainty Jewell’s styles into my pregnancy wardrobe.

Throughout the years, I’ve had many questions about which Dainty Jewell’s pieces work well as maternity dresses, and I wanted to share a couple of those with you. There are so many Dainty Jewell’s dresses that work well for maternity: I wish I could feature them all!

Since time and space are limited, I am sharing just a few of my favorites today.

For dressy occasions, I LOVE the Rose Riviera Dress. It has a classic chic form, but the perfect amount of stretch for a belly bump! Here, at 28 weeks, I’m wearing my regular size (medium), and it’s completely comfortable.

This dress is the perfect blush and cream mix for any season. Regardless of the time of year of your pregnancy, you’ll be perfectly in style in these colors. 

My shoes here are an older pair of Nine West, and I found the purse at a small boutique. My hairstyle is based on this hair tutorial with the curls left to set for an hour so they stay curlier. I used a headband from Walmart to wrap around my ponytail.

For a more casual look, I love the Effortlessly Chic dress! I’m wearing the gray option in the photos below, but this dress also comes in burgundy and blue. Such a good dress for a baby bump! The waist and fabric have a lot of give, so it’s super comfy to wear while pregnant. I love the stripe scallops! They just add another whole level of girliness. I wore my regular size, medium, in this dress, too.

My shoes are from Payless and my purse is H&M.

There really are so many Dainty Jewell’s pieces that work for pregnancy. Simply You (3 colors!) is amaazing. I just wore the Dreaming in Vintage dress (comes in many colors) to a wedding in my regular size. Your Favorite Dress is another great one that’ll work the whole nine months.

For any of our dresses that have no stretch, consider sizing up — toward the end of pregnancy, in particular, when you may need more room in the bust.

I’ve seen photos of so many mommies-to-be looking fabulous in a variety of Dainty Jewell’s styles, from the Exquisite English Manor dress to the Night in Paris Dress. Do you have any maternity style tips? Let me know in the comments!