Travel Feature: Seaside, Florida

March 24, 2021 ยท by Charity Walter

One definite perk of my job is getting to visit fun and scenic places for product photoshoots. 

I had SUCH a great time in Seaside, FL, recently, shooting our upcoming summer and swim line collections for 2021. (We did a little for Summer 2022, as well!) 

Seaside, FL, is a fun, family-friendly town with amazing, charming beach cottages and scenic mansions. It has the most beautiful white sand beach with amazing sunsets. Alys Beach is the other direction and is gorgeous with modern beach homes, brick streets, and all the prettiest beach colors. Honestly, Hwy 30A is worth just taking a drive down for the day! So many amazing stops and pretty spots.

If you ever get a chance to travel to Seaside, FL, or head down Highway 30A, here are some goodies and places you won't want to miss!


We booked an Airbnb house on a private beach, and it was so nice! We practically had the beach to ourselves, which was wonderful. Bicycles and a golf cart came with the house we rented, which turned out to be fun and super convenient. The house also had a plunge pool, but it was also just a quick bike ride to the beach.


We cooked dinner each night and ate out for lunch, which saved a little on expenses. We also cooked fun breakfastsThe boys went fishing one day, and we had a fish fry that night. 

When you get out and about, chocolate cake a Modica Market is a must! For lunch, don't miss a chance to try Cocina Cubana...And you'll thank yourself for getting ice cream at Heavenly Shortcakes! Lucky for us, Bruno's Pizza was right in the same neighborhood as the house where we were staying. We took a golf cart ride there for lunch one day -- amazing pizza for a good price!

Seaside is lined with food trucks, and there's a huge grassy area for kids to run around. So much fun for the family! A great way to add a memorable flair to your mealtimes. 


Grab a Seaside pullover shirt as a keepsake at the seaside store: So comfy and perfect for cool beach nights! Seaside also has plenty of cute boutiques to shop at. 

Have you ever been to Seaside, FL, or driven down Hwy 30A? Let me know in the comments on social media! I'd love to hear about your experiences. :)

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