Trusting God with the Unknown

December 12, 2016

This time of the year is for holiday cheer, family, giving, spending quality time with those we love, eating, and general merriment.

We join with our families, friends, and churches to celebrate the many special gifts that fill our lives every day and the most amazing gift we’ve ever received: Jesus Christ.

For most of us, December brings fuzzy, warm feelings we wish would last all year.

However, some of us are also facing many unknowns as December brings this year to a close. A brand new year is weeks away, and while it is a fresh start with endless possibilities, it can also hold a lot of questions.

If you don’t know me personally, or haven’t read my Heart to Heart with Jennifer Smith for She’s Intentional, then you may not know that my husband and I are hoping to grow our family through adoption.

We made the announcement to our families one year ago this Christmas and then shared with our friends on January 1st. A year has gone by and, while some things have happened, both good and disappointing, we still don’t have a little one in our home.

And it’s completely out of our control.

Next year could hold immeasurable joy, or heartbreak. Our family could grow, or it could remain the same, just us and the Yorkie.

Some days I’m completely fine with leaving it all in God’s hands and letting things happen as He continues to unfold our story. Other days… Not so much.

On those days, not knowing is hard!

Why didn’t things go differently this year? Will we have a baby next year? Will we ever have a baby?

I’ve found myself praying that God would just come talk to me and tell me. But, more often than not, it doesn’t work that way. And it hasn’t worked that way for me yet.

I know I simply have to let go and trust Him with the unknown and the unanswered questions.

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths.
{Proverbs 3:5-6}

Trusting in the Lord doesn’t mean it will all go my way, but that it will all go His way and accomplish His purpose.

Now, this whole adoption thing is a big deal! But, there are other unknowns in my life that I have to trust Him with, and I know you have your own.

Over the past few years, I’ve been pursuing songwriting in a bigger way than just writing for myself. God has already opened several doors of opportunity and connected me with some amazing people, yet I still have days where I’m impatient. I want to know the future.

I want to see how this all plays out!

Only God knows and all I can do is trust Him.

Whether your unknown is related to your family, education, job, ministry, you fill in the blank… the only way you’ll find peace and contentment in the journey is to trust God with your unknown.

Is it easy?

Some days, yes.

Other days, not at all!

Trust me! I’m writing this now to encourage you, but to also remind myself, again!

When you find yourself in a bad day, worrying about the future or the unanswered questions, the best thing to do is get into His Word and pour your heart out to Him. He knows our fears, disappointments, and desires.

So, turn to Him, then leave it all in His hands.

There is no one else who loves us more!

Trust Him.

Trust Him especially with the unknown.