Wrap & Braid Hair Tutorial

May 08, 2015

Braids are all the rage…

But I cannot for the life of me keep my braid looking neat for more than 30 minutes in this Florida humidity! Unless I drench each strand in hairspray prior to braiding, it just looks like a mess in a matter of minutes and for that reason I love braided up-dos. They keep me cool with my hair up off my neck and look elegant. 

I also try to look for hairstyles that avoid using damaging heat. I haven’t blow dried my hair in probably 3 years and my hair is healthier for it! I do still use a curling iron from time to time, but if I can get a church worthy hairstyle without it, I will certainly go that route.

I came across a very simple headband wrap and braid hairstyle on Instagram by @ManiadetrancaIMG_0722


The original video is only 15 seconds and her hair is relatively shorter than mine, so here is a more in-depth video tutorial showing how I adapted this style for longer hair. I hope you enjoy it!

What You’ll Need:

Stretchy Headband
5-10 Hairpins