Fall Party Ideas: Delicious Recipes and Festive Activities!

October 01, 2021 · by Ashton Dorow

Happy Fall, everyone! Even though we don’t get much of a “fall” in terms of weather where I live in Southeast Texas, fall is my favorite season. Why? Because of the cozy weather (when it actually is a little cool outside), the fall colors and scents and foods, fall festivals at church, my wedding anniversary in September, my birthday in November, and of course, Thanksgiving! All of this is the perfect gateway into Christmas and the start of winter, and it makes these last couple months of the year feel like one big celebration!

If you’re also in the mood to celebrate this fall, whether it’s for a birthday or other special event or just because, I’ve collected a few fun party ideas that are perfect for this season! Most of the ideas center around what kind of food to serve at the get-together--because let’s face it, a party isn’t a party without food!--but there are a couple activity ideas as well. I hope you find an idea you like, and if you decide to use one of them this autumn, be sure to take pictures and tag us on social media! We’d love to see what sort of parties you throw this season!

Chili Bar

I don’t know about you, but chili is a staple meal during the fall and winter months here in the South! If you want to serve chili at your fall party, why not make it a little “extra” by doing a chili bar? Present the chili in pretty soup tureens, with your cornbread or hot dogs also presented nicely around them with all of the “fixin’s” like cheese, green onions, etc. in little dishes or mason jars.

Looking for a good chili recipe? Check out this post from our blog that features multiple recipe ideas!

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Chili Cook-off

Here’s another spin on the chili idea--a Chili Cook-off! We do this every year at my church in October or November, and it’s always a huge hit! All of the competitors bring their best chili recipe, and a team of judges picks their top favorites and awards the winners with trophies. And then everyone gets to enjoy all of the different types of chili! You can do this as a church event, like we do, or just as a party with friends. Either way, it will be a lot of fun!

Caramel Apple Bar

Another great food “bar” idea that is perfect for any fall party, is a caramel apple bar! There are a couple of different ways you can do this. 1.) You can have the whole apples on sticks and have crockpots of melted caramel to dip them in, along with a spread of all kinds of delicious toppings. Or 2.) you can have the apples pre-cut into slices and make caramel apple NACHOS! Mmmmm! Caramel apples are one of my favorite fall treats, so this sounds like an idea I may have to do myself this year!

Bonfire (Because you can’t go wrong with a classic like this!)

There’s nothing like a bonfire on a crisp autumn night, am I right? But why not take your next bonfire party up a level with some fun ideas and special details? You can gather all of your throw blankets and have them arranged and ready for your guests to pick one to snuggle under beside the fire. Then go past the usual roasted hot dogs or simple s’mores and try something like campfire nachos or sheet pan roasted sausage, potatoes, and squash. Or, if you prefer the classic bonfire foods, elevate them by doing a hot dog bar or s’mores charcuterie board!

Fall-Themed Charcuterie Board

Speaking of the super-trendy charcuterie boards… 

There are a lot of ways you can do a fall-themed charcuterie board or table! You can do this with s’mores (as mentioned above), with fall candies, or with savory items that feature all of the favorite flavors of fall like pumpkin, maple, apple, pecan, etc.!

Soup Potluck

I love soup anytime of year, but of course, it’s always better when it’s cold outside! This fall, why not host a soup potluck and invite all of your guests to bring a different kind? If you are looking for some easy and delicious soup recipe ideas, check out these from our blog:

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Pumpkin Painting/Carving Party

Decorating or carving pumpkins is a classic fall activity and suitable for all ages! You can easily turn this into a party for kids, teens, or adults by having the guest bring a pumpkin (or you can supply them yourself) and then everyone paints or carves them together. Combine this activity with one of the food ideas above, and voila! A creative fall party your guests will love!

Fall Games Competition

We did this last October with our youth and college and career age groups at my church, and it was a blast! Split your guests into two teams and then compete against each other in a variety of games. Some easy and fun games you can do are: bobbing for apples, sack races, tug-of-war, three-legged races, an egg toss, or a pumpkin relay race. You can do this with teens and young adults as we did, or you can do this with friends or your entire family.

Fall Decor Crafting Party

If you and your friends enjoy crafting, a great option is a fall decor crafting party. Set up tables with all of your supplies, enjoy one of the fall-themed food options mentioned above, and have a blast doing DIY projects with all of your girl friends!

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